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Looking for Real Growth that engages your followers, grows your company, or brings in more revenue? Well let’s make that happen. 

You see many people or services that claim to increase your followers to tens of thousands of followers with up to 1000 likes and this sounds great right? In social media standards, you should aim to have 5-10% engagement of based on how many followers you have. That means if you have 45k followers, you should have between 2.25k and 4.5k likes per photo. If you come across accounts that don't meet this basic requirement, then they most likely paid for their followers or paid for their likes and this is totally the worst way obtain real engagements, have organic growth, and can have a negative impact on your revenue. It can also give you a bad reputation amongst other social media advocates who have worked very hard to grow their following.   

I've studied how Instagram works and documented my findings. With these findings, I've been able to put together a sure proof way to grow your account in the most organic way that will allow for both immediate and long term growth. I myself, have met two of my business partners through social media exposure as well as grown a strong following for my sustainable technologies company, IDF. I've grown a successful account for my company, myself and many others. 

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