Sonder Traveler

If you were wondering what the name of my blog meant, well here is it. Sonder is a slang word so you won't find it in a regular dictionary, but it carries more meaning than any other word I know. Being an avid traveler, I love to interact with people where ever I go. Part of it is to make friends, or make the most out of a trip, but a larger reason is because I know how much is going on in my own life and if I remember the meaning of "Sonder," I can look at the people all around me and realize that they are also going through ups and downs, hurting, loving, hating, happy, joyful, ambitious, you name it, and it makes me feel much more connected to everyone around me. I always say, if more people tried to apply the definition of Sonder to their daily lives, we'd have a lot more peace and happiness in this world we live in....  

Cody Soodeen