Vilanova i la Geltru (Spain)

Hidden Gem of Spain

Most people you ask, "Where should I visit if I go to Spain?" will typically tell you Barcelona, Madrid, or Ibiza if you're looking for a good party (Ibiza post coming soon!). These are all great places and I highly recommend at least Barcelona if you plan on visiting Spain. But if you're like me and are looking for a location a little more secluded that I have the perfect place for you.

Vilanova i la Geltru

Vilanova i la Geltru is a small town on the coast of Spain. Located only 30 min away from central Barcelona, its truly a hidden gem. They say Spain has the most beautiful sunsets, but I think Vilanova i la Geltru takes the cake of Spanish Sunsets. 

There is also a large marina located in this town which means incredible seafood dishes. Next to the marina is a beach that stretches for nearly 1 mile. On one side is an amphitheater which has been perfectly placed to simply watch the sunset each day. As you walk the beach and come to the far side, you'll begin to approach a massive statue of a bull with a large hole in its belly. The bull represents the story of Pasiphaë, the daughter of Helios. It's quite a fitting sculpture for the town with the most beautiful sunsets. 

Night Life

To my surprise, this quaint little town had a great nightlife. There is a pub called Feelings that is located right off of the beach and is the perfect place to relax, play some pool, dance a little bit, and have a magnificent mojito (don't get me started on the Mojitos in Vilanova i la Geltru). There are also tons of wine bars and of course jamon is included. 

If you ever make your way out to Spain, be sure to take a trip out to Vilanova i la Geltru and watch the sunset, it's the most beautiful I've ever seen.