Leap of Faith

Over the passed 3 years so much has happened in my life. In 2014 I graduated university and started my first job at Microdesk in Manhattan. Then in 2015 I went to London for the first time ever with my company, completely by myself. After 6 months I was back in the US and after another 6 months I was back in the UK. I've traveled more in the last 3 years than my whole life combined, 4 continents, 11 countries and 18 major cities. I made some life long friends along the way and met even more incredible people during my travels. Now it's time for the next chapter of my life.

As of today, I officially quit my job to pursue my own company. Over the past 3 years I've also been working on a product that will bring clean water to developing countries in a whole new way. Working for Microdesk enabled me to learn essential project management skills that have helped me grow a team and develop a product. Traveling has allowed me to grow a network of individuals and organizations all over the world. Constantly moving kept me from becoming complacent and moving so many times has allowed me to minimize the amount of things I have in my life, and besides not having an actual address and technically being a nomad, it's been the most freeing aspect of it all.

As I look back on the past 3 years of my life, I realize how sincerely blessed I was to be put through so many uncomfortable situations and I never understood what it meant to be alone until I went to London, but it was the most incredible experience to help me find myself. Now I'm ready to take a leap of faith, I've quit my job, I have no immediate income, and I'm going to do my best, no better than my best to finish this product and hopefully help so many people who can't help themselves, and 3 years from now I can't wait to look back and see where I'll be then.

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