My Inspiration

Sophomore Year at University

It all began in 2012, almost 6 years ago. I was a sophomore in university studying architectural engineering for my undergrad. During my second year we had to write a research paper on an emerging technology within the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing industry, but first the professor had us watch 3 TED talk videos related to MEP. I can't recall all of the talks, but the one that resonated with me was a talk by Michael Pawlyn on Biomimicry.

My Inspiration

I was taken away by Michael Pawlyns talk. Everything he spoke about was awe inspiring and it completely opened up my mind to the possibilities of Biomimicry, which is the study of nature and applying its functions to real life problems not just mimicking its aesthetics as we currently do. This sent me down the rabbit hole with my research paper and when I came out on the other side I had decided to take the research paper one step further and create my own technology based on Biomimicry. This was the exact start of my path towards becoming an Entrepreneur. 

What did I create?

With inspiration from Michael Pawlyn's talk and the extensive, isolating myself from the world type research I conducted, I created a clean water technology based of the Namibian Desert Beetle that was discussed in the TED talk. This technology I created 6 years ago was the start of the the clean water technology I'm currently in the process of finishing with my company Intuitive Design Firm Fox and Soodeen

Meeting Michael Pawyln

It's quite funny how much of a small world we truly live in. When I was living in the UK, I was always attending green tech events and networking opportunities to meet people with similar endeavors as my own. After countless events I come across an event featuring Michael Pawlyn himself speaking on Biomimicry. Of course I registered immediately. To my surprise it was also a networking event, so of course I was first in line to meet Michael. Actually there was no line but I was prepared to wait in one. 

When his talk was over, we made our way to the networking hall and low and behold Michael Pawlyn was standing there. I instantly turned into a little school girl and couldn't control my excitement so I took a few laps and drank a glass of wine before heading over to him. I'm usually quite good with networking conversation. I finally mustered up the courage to approach the man whose TED talk set me on this path of Entrepreneurship nearly 6 years ago and when I got up to him I instantly started rambling about God knows what. I finally collected myself and began acting like a normal human being again and proceeded to converse about his work, my current project, exchanged business cards and needless to say recovered the fumble and ended on a high note. It amazing, from a sophomore in university in Connecticut USA who wrote a little research paper based on a TED talk by a man from the UK, after 6 years we cross paths. Small world. 

Finally I couldn't be in the UK and not have visited Michael Pawlyns most famous design while at Grimshaw architects, the Eden Project and it was truly an inspiring design. (I'm totally a groupie, I know).  

Find Your Inspiration

I hope my story inspires you to find what inspires you! And don't worry about the time it takes to accomplish your dreams, just look at me, 6 years later and I'm finally accomplishing my dream, but at least I'm accomplishing it and that's what matters!


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